KUTAI Electronics Test Report

Test Report

Enter Serial NO.

To receive your individualized product test report, first look for the Barcode printed on the side or bottom of your item. Next, enter the Serial Number under the bar code and press SUBMIT.

for test report demonstration, enter the below Serial No.
Serial Number : " 000500827328 " , " 101000829421 "
Product Serial Number    Product Serial Number

Online reports are available on the majority of KUTAI models and products; KUTAI adds test data daily to this folder, and Presently reports are available for models :

ADVR-053 AMF-10 AMF-10R DSP-10 EA03A EA04A EA04C EA05A EA05AF EA06
EA07 EA08A EA15A EA15A3H EA16 EA230 EA350 EA440 EA440-T EA448
EA5K3 EA45AF EA460 EA63-2.5 EA63-2.5S EA63-4 EA63-7D ECU-04 ECU-05 EG2000
EW05 GCU-10 GCU-20 GCU-30 GCU-100 GCU-3000 KCU-01 KCU-02 KCU-03 TC-V2
TS2P125 TS3P125 EA64-5 KCU-30 DSP-52 RA-485 ATS-22 ATS-33 ATS-34 ATS-PLC
DSP-30 SMS-100 AMF-10 EG3000 ADVR-12 ADVR-16 ADVR-073 ADVR-2200M

*If your product Serial Number is not recognized please call or email us your Serial number information and we will gladly send the original report to you.

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With this app you can scan the barcode to view product test report or verify KUTAI product authenticity.
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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